This is a delightful event. 
Us, Zheng Food Halal Dim Sum, finally set up an online store.

For this, we are presenting our most "power" product - 
our Dumplings a.k.a Siew Mais.
We are really expanding the kingdom of Siew Mais here in Zheng Food. 
From the traditional Chicken flavour to some exotic, really Malaysian taste like Sotong and Spinach Dumpling. We created Thai Style Dumpling for spicy food lovers. Our Seaweed Crab Stick Dumpling, is very strongly inspired by sushi.
We are churning out some real food magic here with our certified Halal (Ref No: 1 05-02 / 2019) , blast frozen (to maintain the freshness), 5-star hotel chef approved recipes.
As we are expanding to online purchase, we want to serve the public our kind of very tasty and great value dim sums. Just press the images below and be lead to a product page. Select from 3 sets.
Click me. I am yours.
Take me home, take me home...
Combo A, serves up the best-seller - Spinach, Chicken, Thai Style and Salted Egg Dumpling. 1 flavour 1 packet for RM 50.00.

Combo B, gives you some special flavours - Carrot, Seaweed Crab Stick, Sotong and Mushroom Dumpling. Also for 1 flavour 1 packet for RM 50.00.
Click me! You won't regret it.
The last one, Combo C, combines all the flavours from A and B together with a mystery gift, for RM100.00. Buying Combo C also makes us very happy to deliver it to you for free.

So, all the Klang Valley people who are reading this - this is only for you.
Select the Combo. Check out your cart. Pay. We receive order. Deliver to you. Then, in the comfort and safety of your own home, indulge in our dumplings.
Keep safe and keep the economy going.

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